December 6, 2016

Christmas – Can It Ever Be Sugar-Free?

  It is December: it is the time of year when all thoughts of sugar-free eating fly out of the window. There are just 19 days left
June 10, 2016

Is America Leading the Way in Food Labelling?

When we started Fools & Queens, we made the conscious decision not to make ‘clean-eating’ raw puddings. We didn’t want to make chia seed puddings and
March 30, 2016

Rebecca Quits Sugar – Week Seven

I have a confession to make. I caved. I ate a pudding. I know, I know. I can hardly bear it myself. Too early in the
March 24, 2016

Rebecca Quits Sugar – Week Six

My novel, The Exclusives, is a psychological thriller set in an all girls’ boarding school. I boarded, and when I was at school, anorexia was rife.
March 15, 2016

Rebecca Quits Sugar – Week Five

A friend asked me why I thought I ate so much sugar. I had no idea how to respond. But my initial thought was that, of
March 8, 2016

Rebecca Quits Sugar – Week Four

I was once caught drinking at school. It wasn’t normal drinking. I was absolutely, totally blind catatonic. I’d slugged back half a bottle of vodka and
March 1, 2016

Rebecca Quits Sugar – Week Three

I was twelve-years old when the teacher sprung a surprise. “Guess what, class?” She said, grinning.  “I’ve got a wonderful treat for you all today.” We
February 23, 2016

Rebecca Quits Sugar – Week Two

“Oh.” This was my husband’s response when he opened my Christmas present to him. “Don’t you like it?” I said.  “It’s… well.. it’s more of a punishment
February 16, 2016

Rebecca Quits Sugar – Week One

Our guest blogger Rebecca Thornton shares her experiences of week one on Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Programme. WARNING: CONTAINS SCENES SOME READERS MAY FIND UPSETTING (or
February 8, 2016

Rebecca Quits Sugar

Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar has had a significant impact on both Matt’s waistline and the driving philosophy behind Fools & Queens. 2 years ago, when
January 12, 2016

Working with a Co-Founder

  I had thought about working for myself, but it was a fleeting thought that passed very quickly; getting paid to do someone else’s bidding is what
November 30, 2015

You CAN have your pudding AND eat it this Christmas!!

I love this time of year, it’s cold and blustery, winter is definitely upon us; summer is but a distant memory. The Christmas lights are on,
October 22, 2015

Fools & Queens Cheat Sheet

What is Fools & Queens? A company that makes individual pots of yummy, sugar-free (if you don’t count the naturally occurring sugars in the fruit and the
October 20, 2015

The Pudding Race

With the flurry of activity at Fools & Queens HQ recently (a name change, a launch, interest from stockists) we realised we had been distracted and
July 17, 2015

What’s The Point Of Free-From?

The UK free-from market is set to be worth £561m by 2017.  The overwhelming consensus is that this trend is here to stay.  The appeal is
June 30, 2015

Going Sugar Free

I had been toying with the idea of giving up sugar for a while. This may seem crazy for someone running a pudding business. If I
March 12, 2015

Spring Puddings

So much has been happening here at Proper Pudding HQ the last few weeks I’m not entirely sure where to begin.  We have been accepted by
February 13, 2015

Welcome to the new website!

If you have not been to our website before, welcome to Proper Pudding! I hope that you enjoy reading about our Pudding Adventures as much as