Fools & Queens are low-sugar, gluten-free (occasionally dairy-free) puddings. They are all handmade in our kitchen and HQ in Brixton, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. We have quit sugar and therefore don’t use it to sweeten our puds; we have instead chosen xylitol, a natural sweetener sourced from Finnish birch trees; it's fructose free, very low GI, has 40% of the calories of table sugar and is very good for teeth (we are brand ambassadors for our xylitol supplier as we love the stuff so much!).

Co-founders Aly Johnson and Matt Heath met whilst serving as officers in The Royal Air Force and Household Cavalry respectively. A love of great food, a desire to champion British heritage, meticulous military style planning and a wish to create a thriving business, as well as being great friends, led to the birth of Fools & Queens.

Aly and Matt spent the best part of a year dressed in aprons (like all good market stall holders should be) testing their creations on the Great British Public at food festivals up and down the country and every weekend at various London Farmers’ Markets. Learning and developing all the time and with consistent sell-outs, they knew they had a dream worth chasing.