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June 10, 2016

Christmas – Can It Ever Be Sugar-Free?



It is December: it is the time of year when all thoughts of sugar-free eating fly out of the window. There are just 19 days left until Christmas. 19. Last time we checked it was March, so we aren’t entirely sure where the rest of the year has gone. Nevertheless, it’s cold and it’s dark. Which means all we want to do is hunker down under a duvet, gorge on tins of chocolates (which the supermarkets have oh-so-kindly been selling since September, because that is apparently when Christmas officially starts now) and binge watch box-sets.

But what if you want to do something different this year? Nothing radical I hasten to add, just a subtle change of trying to reduce your sugar intake or even stick with being sugar-free. Maybe replacing a glass of fizz at a party with something non-alcoholic, or a gingerbread man with a sugar-free variant. Just how simple it is to celebrate over the Christmas period without becoming one of those people who bang on about being sugar-free? Actually it’s pretty easy to eat, drink and be merry this year without overindulging or denying yourself…

1. Cut down on the white stuff.
Christmas doesn’t necessarily have to be synonymous with sugar-filled and chocolate-coated foods. You can still have your cake (or mince pie) and eat it. Total Sweet have a mince pie recipe that has no added sugar (and is lighter than most due to filo pastry rather than sweet crust pastry). It is mouthwateringly stupendous, a real winner.

2. Stay hydrated.
We know this one already, but it’s so easy to forget just how fab water is. On average the human body is approximately 60% water. The body needs water to function – it needs it for digestion, circulation, maintaining body temperature, you know the important staying-alive stuff. If you happen to overindulge, water is going to be your best friend to transport waste from your cells (yes – from every organ…including the liver and bowels) and out of your body.

3. Drinking the right stuff.
OK, so unless you don’t drink at all, you might partake in one or three too many alcoholic drinks at this time of year, so what is the better option? Consider replacing every second drink with a non-alcoholic one (water rather than a high-fructose fruit one). Vodka, soda water and fresh lemon juice is refreshing and sugar-free!

4. Switch out your Christmas Pudding.
Have you heard of this amazing, low sugar pudding company that makes wonderfully delicious (and naturally gluten-free) desserts? If you are looking for an alternative, sugar-free Christmas Pudding inspiration, look no further than our delicious Spiced Panna Cotta with Mulled Wine Jelly. Light, indulgent, Christmassy and never made with sugar.