Rebecca Quits Sugar – Week Two
February 23, 2016
Rebecca Quits Sugar – Week Four
March 8, 2016

Rebecca Quits Sugar – Week Three

I was twelve-years old when the teacher sprung a surprise.

“Guess what, class?” She said, grinning. 

“I’ve got a wonderful treat for you all today.” We edged forward, in the hope that the school had been mysteriously covered in poisonous mould and we all had to go home. 

“You’ve got an exam to do!” She clapped her hands in delight. Now I know why – she could sit at her desk and not interact with any of us for two, delightfully quiet hours. 

As for me? I felt totally and utterly hood-winked. 

And again, yesterday, I had the same feeling when I was looking for some medicine. 

I’d been feeling pretty grotty for the whole week and put it down to prolonged sugar-detox. But then I came down with the full-on shebang: sore throat, cold, cough, etc. 

I was very relieved to find a crumpled Lemsip in the back of our cupboard. I didn’t have to go anywhere to get drugs! The Lemsip will cure me and I’ll be able to do all the stuff I planned. But it was not to be. When I looked at the ingredients, I saw the dreaded ‘sucrose’.

Now, you may be thinking: ‘Wow, big deal. I’m sure the effects of the sugar will be negated by the um… let me see… aspartame, which also made up the ingredients. (lovely!) 

But this led to me to look at all the other packaging in our kitchen. 

Something I’ve done before, due to diabetic hubby. But every time I look into it more, I’m appalled. Mainly by how food companies try and disguise their sugar content, especially with kids’ food. “A sprinkling of maltose’ was one such ingredient I found on a packet of what was meant to be ‘just fruit’ for children. No sign as to how much a ‘sprinkling was.’ And as for using the term maltose… Ok – I could rant on this forever, especially because I feel I’ve been totally suckered by food marketing, for many, many years. But – it led me to have a massive chuck out of everything that contained sugar, not just for me whilst I do the IQS programme, but for the rest of my family. 

We’ve been left with fabulously bare cupboards. How long will this last? I don’t know. For the moment, I’m living in sugar-free hope. 

Week Three – I was ill so didn’t quite discover the benefits of no sugar in my diet. I’ve still been on the I Quit Sugar forum and it’s really amazing to hear from other people doing it, giving each other support and advice. 

The best thing this week, was finding out I’d lost ten pounds. My Dad once suggested I measure how much weight I’d lost (pre-wedding) in books. I remember being quite shocked by how many books I was carrying. But thrilled at the same time. It’s an experiment I’ll be doing at the end of the I Quit Sugar programme. I know this is not meant to be about losing weight but it’s a fabulous bonus. 

I’m very excited to have discovered Romeo Sugar Free Bakery on Twitter. I can’t wait to try that, along with some Fools and Queens puddings next week. I feel strong enough that it won’t ignite a sugar binge-fest.