Rebecca Quits Sugar – Week Four
March 8, 2016
Rebecca Quits Sugar – Week Six
March 24, 2016

Rebecca Quits Sugar – Week Five

A friend asked me why I thought I ate so much sugar. I had no idea how to respond. But my initial thought was that, of course, it was a physically addictive substance. My brain goes into overdrive when I eat it and and that’s that – I binge on it like I’ve been starved for a decade. 

But then, I discovered this gem of a shop, called As Nature Intended. It sells all sorts of well-marketed ‘good’ food. Raw chocolate, kale crisps, you get the picture. 

I went in and came out, bags bulging full of ‘treats.’ (Kale crisps and some other random coconut stuff and some raw chocolate. Not allowed on the IQS until this week but it was Sunday and I thought what the heck.) image

Wow, I thought. None of this food has ANY sugar in it, it tastes divine and it will tide me over until next month! Alas, by the time that thought had entered and exited my head, the entire lot (about twenty pounds worth) had gone. 

I didn’t really want much of it. Nor did it give me that massive food craving where I can’t stop eating. So why? Why did I feel the need to shovel it into my mouth like I was possessed. Huge apologies to anyone that saw me on the bus that day. 

Maybe it was the idea that it was a ‘treat’. Or I was tired and needed to take my mind off how I felt. Whatever it was, it was a good learning lesson about my relationship with sugar. If I binge on so called ‘good food’ I’m also going to be doing the same again when I start eating the white stuff again, despite my body now being more resistant to its evil charms. So this week will be a thought-provoking look into the psychological and emotional side of my eating habits. If anyone has any thoughts on this, please get in touch! 

This week: The IQS programme has been great for the past seven days, although I’ve definitely been less structured with the recipes, due to my entire family having the lurgy. It’s been a bit tricky from that sense, so I’ve had to make do with a few rye bread and cheese lunches. I don’t think cheese has been very good for me, so I think I’ll also cut that out this week. In the meantime, I’m off to quiz some of the IQS experts on binge-eating! Until next week.