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January 12, 2016
Rebecca Quits Sugar – Week One
February 16, 2016

Rebecca Quits Sugar

SWSarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar has had a significant impact on both Matt’s waistline and the driving philosophy behind Fools & Queens.

2 years ago, when Fools & Queens was Proper Pudding, their puddings were packed full of the white stuff.  In fact, a friend of Matt’s in-laws asked if he didn’t feel like a drug dealer!  

As the business progressed, simultaneously Matt’s belt began getting snugger and snugger.  Uncomfortable with this feeling, Matt came across Sarah Wilson and her low fructose mantra, and decided to give the 8 week programme a try.

Matt ended the programme a good stone and a half lighter. He also came to the realisation that he could no longer, in good conscience, make a business based upon selling sugar. 

Knowing the havoc it wreaks on peoples’ health, energy levels and general wellbeing, and also having experienced how much better he felt from giving it up, the decision was made: Fools & Queens would go fructose and refined sugar-free.

Aly and Matt then embarked on a crusade to find a way to make uncompromisingly delicious puddings without fructose and refined sugar and the rest is history.

So it is with great excitement that we introduce our guest blogger – Rebecca Thornton, loyal Fools and Queens customer, breakthrough talent of 2016 and author of soon-to-be-published The Exclusives – who will be reporting from the frontline of the 8 week I Quit Sugar programme.RT

The reason we are featuring this blog is to entertain, inform and inspire you about the joys of giving up sugar.

Although Fools & Queens puddings aren’t on the 8 week programme, we know that they are a way for anyone who is sugar abstinent but still a foodie – to enjoy their pudding!

Rebecca Quits Sugar

The other day I decided to forego buying much-needed nappies for my son, in favour of staying indoors.

 “It’s raining,” I countenanced, even though the situation was pretty dire. 

Two minutes later, I had an overwhelming sugar craving. I couldn’t concentrate on anything, other than where and when I was going to get my next fix.

 “Ok,” I marshalled my kids outside, and off we went. First, the sweet shop. Then, Boots. 

My shopping bag consisted of: A bumper pack of maltesers, two packets of salt and vinegar crisps, a family pack of flying saucers, a large bag of white chocolate mice, two packets of haribo and a mint aero bar. (I promise you this is true.) OH – and then how could I forget? The nappies. 

How could it have been SUGAR and not the welfare of my six-month old son, that galvanised me to get out the front door? I was still asking myself this three days later, so when I heard about Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar programme, it didn’t take me long to sign up. 

My husband, Oliver, is a type 1 diabetic and so I’ve seen, first-hand, the effects that sugar has on someone. Two years ago, we both cut it out of our diets. Oliver’s insulin intake was slashed by over two-thirds. We both had so much more energy and slept like logs. Not to mention the weight loss. I went down a stone in about five weeks. 

But then, the experiment was over and I went back to eating as much sugar as I could, as often as I could. It became so entrenched in my daily life, I stopped noticing the ups and downs. I never even had any withdrawals, so constant was my sugar intake. Ever since, I’d been looking for easy solutions and never found any. 

But here’s where I’ve heard Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar is great. You get given full on instructions about what to buy, and when. Which for a culinary dunce like me, is fabulous. The kind lady, Emily Seddon, who I’ve been emailing about the course, says I can mix and match vegetarian and meat options, so it doesn’t seem too restrictive. 

IMG_0037First week starts NOW and earlier, I even made her savoury muffins, which I can testify, are absolutely delicious. So delicious, in fact, I can’t believe I’ll lose weight / feel better on it. They were easy as well. 

This will be my weekly blog on how I’m faring/ how I feel / how much weight I’ve lost. I’m crossing fingers I do not die from withdrawal before then. Exclusives