Rebecca Quits Sugar
February 8, 2016
Rebecca Quits Sugar – Week Two
February 23, 2016

Rebecca Quits Sugar – Week One

Our guest blogger Rebecca Thornton shares her experiences of week one on Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Programme. WARNING: CONTAINS SCENES SOME READERS MAY FIND UPSETTING (or familiar, all too familiar).

There’s something horrific about opening a present in public. A congregation gathering round to watch you unwrap a gift, only for you to find something god-awful inside.

A friend once got given a ten pound voucher from a job she’d been at for over five years. Seriously. Ten pounds. There were ten colleagues at her leaving drinks. One pound each. She never spoke to any of them again. Imagine how she must have rearranged her face on first seeing the gift? Inside, she would have been thinking: “What the devil is this?” and on the outside, she would have been saying: “Wow, this is so kind. Thank you very much. You are all extremely generous.’ 

I’ve spent the past week doing this very rearrangement of facial expression. Trying not to let people see how I really feel when I tell them I’m doing the I Quit Sugar programme. Here’s a few of the comments I’ve had so far: 

“Really? You aren’t going to last on that very long!” 

Me, smiling sweetly: “Ah, I know. It’s going to be very difficult.” You realise that you’ve just made me determined to do this, don’t you?

“Oh. Go on. Just a tiny, tiny bit of sugar won’t hurt. Surely. I’ve spent all day making this cake, covered in ten tonnes of icing and smeared with melted double chocolate and marshmallows.”

Me, smiling sweetly: “Thank you so much. I’ll pass. Thank you, though.” My thoughts here are too inappropriate for this blog. 

Part of the difficulty of giving up sugar is navigating people’s reactions. My friends have been very supportive but once in a while you get a reaction from someone you don’t know very well that makes you want to… well… eat a tonne of sugar. Once I’ve learned to ignore all this, it’ll make it much easier for me to concentrate wholly on giving up the white stuff. 

Here’s a run down of my first week on the I QUIT SUGAR programme; 

All in all, week one detox was horrific. Thankfully, the I Quit Sugar programme has a support forum, which I used a lot. I must say that for me, this is one of the best aspects of the programme. I got responses pretty much straight away – they weren’t necessarily what I wanted to hear. But they were needed, and the replies were written with a firm kindness that was just right. 

The recipes were really, really easy and delicious this week. There were complete instructions about what preparations were needed for the next day: ‘Get x out of the freezer ready for tomorrow.’ Which, in my detox state, suited me brilliantly. 

I’d varied some of the recipes a bit which was fine and my snacks consisted of things like: a spoonful of almond butter, sprinkled with cocoa nibs and cinnamon. I know, I know… but it tasted like heaven. 

Rebecca's Week One Survival Kit

Rebecca’s Week One Survival Kit

Day One: First day I was gleefully smug. I’ve got so much energy I thought to myself! I can wash up, hoover, parent, work, backflip, run. I was almost deranged with energy. Surely, surely I could have seen the crash that was to come….but no. I was only thinking about how bloody, brilliantly organised and all round excellent I was being on the IQS programme. A winner day! 

Day Two – Hmmm.. ok, still. There was a niggle of something. I wasn’t quite sure what it was. I felt as though my body was agitating for something, although it felt like it was a much, much deeper ‘something’ than just sugar. Haha, who was I kidding? I started to get a bit snappy with the boys and then went to bed feeling horrific. “Phew. I’m probably just coming down with something,” I thought. 

Day Three. I had to get my husband to come home early from work. Enough said, really. Suffice to say, I was actually, full-blown ill. With detox symptoms. Aching legs, total, total inertia (to the point where I could barely get up to go to the loo) and I can think of no other way to describe it but it was as though my soul was ‘twitching.’ I couldn’t get comfortable. I had restless legs and I felt fluey. And the exhaustion – wow. That was something special. 

Day Four: As above. I lay my head on the table when I was meant to be working and lay there like a dead fish. 

Day Five: The flu-like symptoms disappeared – but the exhaustion was still overwhelming me. 

Day Six: I was actually ill by day six. Sore throat, etc… and I’m pretty certain this was triggered by my body going into meltdown from no sugar. I had to cancel going out. I spent the day shivering in bed. 

Day Seven: A bit better, although still tired. THIS IS KILLING ME, but it’s been seven days, and so far, I’ve done it!